September Challenge

Check the chart below to see how your team can earn points in this month's challenge

September points are earned from 9/1/14 through 9/30/14. Please report by 10/10/14

5For holding a club speech contest in September
5For each new member to your club in September
1For each speech completed. Requires book sign-off
2For each Advanced Manual speech completed. Must include a selfie - a photo of yourself presenting the speech.
1For each Competent Leader (CL) manual task completed. Requires book sign-off


  • Points for speeches and CL tasks are limited to results from only 2 meetings a month.
  • If you meet more then twice a month, the team captains will be responsible for picking the 2 meetings to report.
  • Any pictures that you submit may be used to promote the D54 Fall conference.