Rules of the Race

Each club can form one team. Once you register your team, all of your members can join in along the way to contribute. You do not have to individually register team members. You’ll need to come up with a team name and register by August 31st to be eligible to win.

*Deadline extended from 8/8/14 to 8/31/14.

Teams can only be formed by current Toastmasters clubs (limited to the first 70 teams that register). If your club is formed during the race time, you can enter a team into the race at that time. Clubs that have under 10 members may team up with another club with fewer than 10 members to form a team.

Teams will accumulate points from August 1st – November 7th. Team captains will report points once a month to the race team.

Points will be accumulated during the race as follows:

  • 5 points for submitting a team photo with your registration form. 2 additional points for the most creative team name and photo. (Someone outside of Toastmasters will decide the winner). *2 points will be awarded to the teams that signed up by the original deadline of 8/8/14. Teams that sign up after that can still obtain the 5 points for the team photo with their form but will not be eligible to get the additional points for the most creative team name and photo.
  • 5 points per new member to your club during the race (8/1/2014 to 11/7/2014)
  • 1 point per speech or CL task completion. Requires book signoff. (Points are limited to results from only 2 meetings a month. Team captains of teams who meet more than 2 times a month will need to send me the results based on an average of meetings held.
    • If you give a speech or complete a CL task while visiting another club, it will count towards the team of your choice. Please report those tasks to your team captain. *Rule revised to allow for dual club members to contribute to multiple teams.
  • 1 point per team member that attends the conference
  • Complete the monthly challenge (Points are high but varied for the challenges. The value will be reported at the announcement of the challenge. If challenge is not completed inside of the month assigned, points will not be given and the team can no longer earn points for that challenge.)
  • Challenges at the conference on November 7th (Points will vary and will be announced at that time.
  • *Members of more than one club can be a member of multiple teams. This person can contribute to the regular monthly meetings and give points to each of the teams they wish. These members can only contribute to one team’s monthly challenge, however. For example, if you give a speech from the advanced manual in the month of September, you can only give those 2 points to one team. Please let the team captain know if you have dual membership and if you are giving that team your points.

On Friday, November 7th, teams will compete in final challenges and eliminations will start until a final winner is determined.

Have fun! Building teamwork should add fun to your club, not make it a burden. Encourage each other as you go. Allow everyone to be themselves and contribute in their own way and at their own pace.

*Revision to the rules were made on 8/14/14