October Challenge

It's October already! I recorded the video below for you last week. Check it out!

Check the chart below to see how your team can earn points in the October challenge

October points are earned from 10/1/4 through 10/31/14. Please report by 11/5/14

5For attending a Division contest and taking a selfie
1Additional point for each member of your team in the selfie
1For each speech completed. Requires book sign-off
1For each Competent Leader (CL) manual task completed. Requires book sign-off

View October Challenge on YouTube

I have some HOT news!

Forget what I said in the video - Registration for the conference is now open!

Early bird registration is only $25. I'm registered.

I'm getting busy planning some fun final challenges for you all. I look forward to meeting you there at the finish line!

~ Erica Bourassa, Race Coordinator

September Reminder

I hope you had a great September. Don't forget to attach those selfies to get the extra two points for advanced manual speeches.

Send September points by October 10th please so I can update the scorecard and get you updated before the conference.


  • Points for speeches and CL tasks are limited to results from only 2 meetings a month.
  • If you meet more then twice a month, the team captains will be responsible for picking the 2 meetings to report.
  • Any pictures that you submit may be used to promote the D54 Fall conference.