August Challenge

Check the chart below to see how your team can earn points in this month's challenge

August points are earned from 8/1/14 through 8/31/14. Please report by 9/10/14

5For submitting a team photo with your registration form.
If you did not submit a team photo yet, go ahead and submit it by the end of the month for the 5 points.
Tip: The team photo does not have to be your "real" team. You can create anything you like.
5For each new member to your club in August
1For each speech completed. Requires book sign-off
1For each Competent Leader (CL) manual task completed. Requires book sign-off


  • Points for speeches and CL tasks are limited to results from only 2 meetings a month.
  • If you meet more then twice a month, the team captains will be responsible for picking the 2 meetings to report.
  • Any pictures that you submit may be used to promote the D54 Fall conference.