Amazing Race

Race to the D54 Conference Details

This is a fun Toastmasters race to the upcoming District 54 Fall conference. This is a fun way to get your club informed of the conference and engaged in Toastmasters in a new way.

The points will be earned through your regular Toastmasters meetings and the challenges will just add some fun along the way. The hope is that there will be part of the race that different club members will be interested in completing, like a relay race.

Amazing Race to Excellence Video

A team captain will need to volunteer to act as the main point of contact during the race. The responsibility of the team captain will be as follows:

  • Report to the race coordinator each month with club goal updates and the monthly challenge result.
  • Must have the knowledge and ability to receive photos from team members and to e-mail them to the race coordinator.
  • Must be honest.

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Join these already amazing teams in the race to the conference